For Summer Fun, Install A Pool

Posted on: 2 June 2015

You are finally ready to dive in and build that pool you have been planning for ages. The kids are ecstatic, and you are also excited. Be aware that the process can be a lengthy and complicated one that requires patience and planning. You cannot take shortcuts and still get the swimming pool you have been craving.

Choosing a Location

Even if you have a nice sized backyard, you will only have a few places where a swimming pool can fit, so measuring and planning will take some time. You will also need to check zoning regulations to see if there is a size limit for your pool.  Remember to dial the "call before you dig" number, so you can avoid utility lines, cables, pipes, etc. You will also need to enlist the aid of your contractor for help in choosing either concrete, fiberglass, or vinyl as the material for your pool. The contractor can also help you design the shape and surrounding elements for your new investment.

Getting a Permit

You will need to obtain a permit before you build your swimming pool. Your contractor can submit the paperwork for you, which will include the plans and the specifications for your project. If you belong to a homeowner's association, they will need to approve the plans too.

Choosing a Filter

The contractor will take care of the construction, of course, but you will need to choose a filtration system. Most health codes require that the pool water be completely filtered twice in a 24-hour period, so you will have to purchase a filter powerful enough to accomplish that rate of turnover. You will also need to choose between a sand filter, a diatomaceous earth filter, and a cartridge filter. Each type has its advantages, but any of the three will do the job.

Choosing an Electrical Contractor

In addition to your general contractor, you will need to hire electricians for the delicate task of installing your pool's electrical system. The filter, lights, timers, heaters, etc. all need to be safely connected. Keeping the electrical components safe around the water is, of course, a tricky business and one best left to electricians who specialize in this area. Click here for more information about electricians.

Putting in your dream pool is a long process, even with the help of a contractor. For many pool owners, the trouble and expense are worth the hours of family fun a pool provides. You will love being able to jump into your own private oasis whenever the mood strikes, and you are certain to attract visitors once the pool is complete.