Tips For Safely Installing Your New Ceiling Fan

Posted on: 6 October 2014

Whether you are replacing an old ceiling fan or putting in a new one instead of an old light fixture, you may decide to try to install it yourself. Before you begin your project, however, you should be aware of the safety tips listed below.

Check The Wires For Electrical Current Using A Multimeter

Even if you have turned off the circuit breaker that feeds the ceiling fan, you will want to check for any current. Although you may believe you have turned the electricity off, it is always best to double check to make sure a wire did not cross. The most reliable way to check for current is to use a multimeter, also known as an ohm meter.

To safely check the wiring, place the red probe onto the hot wire in the fan or light's box. Then, place the black probe against a ground surface. Turn on the meter. As long as it reads zero, there is no current and it is safe for you to handle the wires.

However, if you get any reading on the meter, do not touch the wires with your hands or tools. Try turning off the main breaker to see if that gives you a null reading.

Label The Hot And Ground Wires Correctly

After you have determined that there is no juice going through the wires, you can begin removing the old fan or fixture. However, you should pay attention to the colors of the wires and their locations. While removing them, label the wires so that you can safely attach those of the new fan.

For example, if the old fixture has a red wire attached to one of your home's wires that is not red, you still need to label this as the hot wire. Some older homes may not have this color-coding.

Once you have found the hot wire and labeled it, find the second wire that should be black. This is the ground wire that prevents a short in the fixture, as well as prevents the electrical current from becoming too hot within the system.

By following the above tips, you can install your own ceiling fan without fear of causing a short in the wiring or create a fire hazard. However, if you do not feel comfortable doing the work yourself or run into something unusual, you may want to hire an electrician, like those at Crown Electric Ltd, to check for problems or perform the installation for you.